Digital Marketing.

inventing a better way of marketing.

With dot.Hospitality, marketing campaign is an end-to-end process. Campaign management, activities planning, task distribution to teams, and results tracking are operated through one system.

turn prospects into leads.

Through the platform, marketers can use profile segments to create marketing lists and reach targeted audiences through different channels.  Orchestrate customer journeys and personalize moments that matter across all touchpoints, using AI-driven recommendations for content, channels, and analytics. Build trigger-based journeys in real-time, identify potential customers, and turn them into loyal customers.

leverage the power of marketing.

Combine a wealth of data to enhance marketing efficiency and increase customer engagement, drive direct bookings, and ultimately boost the hotel’s revenue.
Campaign Budgeting & ROI
Make the most of your marketing spend by calculating the return on investment of a campaign and using results for future campaigns.
Transactional Emails
Use email marketing to reach your audience and collect leads.
Digital Campaign Execution
End-to-end execution of digital marketing campaigns within a single platform.
Email Editor for Design and Content
Customize your emails and use AI-driven recommendations for design and content.
Personalized Communication
Use real-time insights to hyper-personalize your messaging and win loyal customers faster.
Outbound Campaigns
Create advanced segmentation based on prospective client information.
Easily create and send webforms to collect leads and create opportunities.
Real-Time Campaigns
Reach your customers through multiple channels, at times that matter the most.
Behavioral Analysis
Monitor and act on prospects’ and clients’ browsing behavior.
Campaign Planning
Plan your campaign activities and distribute tasks to team members.
Get customer feedback with Customer Voice surveys.
Know your audience through real-time insights and use them to create profile segments and marketing lists.