Loyalty & Membership.

make your loyal guests feel exclusive.

With dot.Hospitality, teams can easily track any loyalty programs your guests have enrolled in and identify trends and patterns in their behavior to adjust their loyalty programs accordingly.

tailored offers in every touchpoint.

Let your loyal members experience hospitality at its best, by managing recognition and appreciation gifts in the same platform. Track your loyal members’ transaction patterns and offer them additional benefits, personalized promotions, rewards, and complimentary services according to their tier membership.

make them choose your hotel over and over again.

Define your guests’ preferred communication channel and keep them engaged and informed about exclusive deals and upcoming events. Use a wealth of data for coordinating marketing campaigns tailored to your loyal members and make them choose your hotel again over the competition.
Loyalty Benefits
Give personalized benefits to your loyal members according to their activities and preferences.
Loyalty Programs
Have access to all loyalty programs your guests have subscribed to for easy management.
Membership Management
Access to your loyal members’ data and activities to manage their memberships.
Membership Tiers
Add tiers to memberships such as gold or silver and offer rewards and exclusive offers according to their tier.
Loyalty Card Printing
Define complimentary or chargeable benefits for members such as discounted prices, perks, services, and special access.