Master Data Management.

no more data silos.

Eliminating data silos with a single and accurate source of data is usually a costly and never-ending process for many businesses.

have an accurate and single source of data.

dot.Hospitality follows a method of extracting data from any system or platform, combining and cleansing duplicates, spelling errors, or even outdated data, to create master profiles (Golden Records). Once Golden Records are created, they serve as a trusted view of business-critical data that can be managed and shared across the business.

make data easy to use.

Have a single and clear view of your guests with a consistent, reliable source of data. Promote accurate reporting, reduce data errors, remove silos, and help employees to make confident, data-driven decisions with dot.Hospitality.
Collect and retrieve disparate types of data from a variety of sources.
Detect and correct corrupt or inaccurate data records.
Use a single and accurate database and get rid of duplicate customer records.
Data Enhancement
Improve your data quality by enriching customer records, using information from external sources.
Create master records by extracting data through multiple systems and secondary records.
Merge and Writeback
Merge and push quality data back to operational systems.