Sales & Catering.

from lead generation to event delivery.

dot.Hospitality is designed to support the end-to-end sales process; from qualifying leads and creating opportunities, to eventually turning them into business relationships. Create Group Booking and Venue Hire opportunities to manage the venue schedule, equipment availability, catering requirements, and hotel blocks.

account management was never so simple.

Create and manage accounts and business contacts. Store and handle information easily in a system with a familiar interface and accessible from multiple devices such as mobiles and tablets. Integration with Outlook enables monitoring of email communications, appointments, tasks, and any follow-up interactions with potential clients.

helping you plan and organize events.

A comprehensive venue hiring module is included in the system, allowing businesses to define area layouts and access points. Associated with the BEO management feature, dot.Hospitality allows multifunctional teams to distribute tasks with efficiency, track processes, and cooperate smoothly using an all-in-one platform.

make data-driven decisions, not assumptions.

Sales teams can have a single view of every account and business contact, eliminating time spent searching customer interactions in multiple systems. From lead generation to booking, you can have all the necessary information accessible in one centralized solution.
Leads Management
Collect leads from various channels and capture all communications. Follow up to qualify leads and create business contacts, accounts, and opportunities.
Opportunity Management
Manage opportunities and monitor inquiries from new or existing customers.
Account Management
Create accounts and enhance overall operational efficiency by collecting all necessary information about accounts and business contacts in one place.
Business Contact Management
Manage clients, partners, and vendors within a centralized platform that helps track, communicate, and nurture business relationships.
Booking Management
Handle the entire process of managing events and group bookings.
Plan the itinerary of fam trips and site inspections, generate comprehensive reports, and share with your business contacts all the relevant information about their visit.
Venue Scheduling
Seamlessly schedule, control, and organize event spaces. Track availability, allocate resources, and streamline the process of reserving venues in different locations.
Handle all aspects of catering services in one platform: from menu design to resource availability and billing.
Room Block Inventory
Access real-time room availability and streamline booking processes for group reservations.
Contract Management
Ensure efficient administration of contractual agreements with clients, partners, and vendors.
Coordinate and deliver tasks for events planning to ensure clear communication, efficient execution, and seamless experience for both staff and guests.
Activity Management
Outlook integration with the platform enables booking appointments and sending emails within the system. Assign and share activities within teams for efficient collaboration.